PM Intervenes to Protect Taylor from Rowell

The Australian today has a detailed analysis by Peter Van Onselen on the rolling Liberal pre-selection ructions which have threatened Hume Liberal MP Angus Taylor.

Van Onselen reports:

A breakaway hard Right grouping led by former state minister Jai Rowell has thrown its lot in with the moderates after striking a deal with Photios. The geographically based group includes Russell Matheson in its ranks, which explains why there is a push to shift the member for Macarthur to Angus Taylor’s safer seat of Hume. Matheson is little more than a strong local campaigner, which is what the increasingly marginal seat of Macarthur needs, whereas Taylor is a minister-in-waiting. Taylor’s crime is that he’s a conservative who voted for Abbott last year.

Turnbull has intervened behind the scenes to quash the anti-Taylor push

Highlands Votes thought this talk was overblown when the SMH published rumours last week, but it has continued on since then, with Van Onselen’s report among the most detailed.

It all helps explain why Malcolm Turnbull was openly laughed at by Liberal members when he said the party wasn’t run by factions.

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