Katter’s Australian Party has taken to labelling certain policies of the major parties “copy-Katter” parties. Here’s Hume KAP candidate Bruce Nicholson taking up that theme.

Dear Editor,

It is with some bemusement that I see some parties’ promising “copy-Katter” policies at election time given that they declined the opportunity to vote for the same policies when they were put to this recent Parliament by KAP Federal Leader Bob Katter.

For instance, the ALP’s new mandate for government fleet cars to be Australian-made – why did they not support Bob Katter’s motion in Parliament for the same back in May?

Or there’s Greens now parading as the farmers’ friend in promising to tackle the supermarket giants’ market share – where were they when Bob Katter put laws doing exactly this to this Parliament?

Then there’s the promises, by some in the LNP to stop the foreign sell-off of our agribusinesses and land – but none of their members would support Bob Katter’s laws to this Parliament doing just that.

Despite the public protests by the LNP’s Nationals MPs on agricultural issues – from the overseas sell-off of our land, to irrigation water cutbacks in our Murray Darling, to placing a moratorium on coal seam gas exploration –  the junior Coalition partner is prohibited by their Liberal masters from supporting policies such as Bob Katter’s.

But perhaps the emergence of the KAP has finally put a rocket up our political elite? It’s most certainly a welcome development for the voice of the people against our political duopoly.


Bruce Nicholson
KAP Candidate for Hume

What do you think? Are the other parties copying Bob Katter’s policies?

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