Throsby: Rinse and Repeat

The Non-Custodial Parent’s Party (Equal Parenting) will field a candidate for Throsby in September’s election. Wayne Hartman, who was the party’s candidate in 2010 and attracted a little under 2% of the vote, will recontest the seat.

The party seeks to have “less government control of many aspects of daily life”, in particular family law and child support. Their platform includes repealing child support legislation in favour of “equal time shared parenting legislation”.

The NCPP also has other small government policies such as: the Australian Defence Force being restricted to the defence of Australia; protection for Australian manufacturing but otherwise reduced government red tape in business; leave coal-fired power stations in place as the only reliable and safe source of energy; controlled immigration; removal of negative gearing rules; do not oppose same sex marriage; and states handing over a variety of powers to the Commonwealth.

NCPP Candidate Wayne Hartman in Bowral in 2010
NCPP Candidate Wayne Hartman in Bowral
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3 Responses to Throsby: Rinse and Repeat

  1. Adam Jones says:

    Mr Hartman’s need to ‘air his dirty laundry’ in the local media is disconcerting. Mr Hartman and his fellow crusaders can be regularly seen protesting outside the Wollongong Family Court, the Old Pub in Dapto, Hampden Park in Robertson and Bowral Mall.

    Anyone familiar with the messages on the poorly made banners that accompany Mr Hartman on his protest circuit will quickly realise that the Non Custodial Parents Party is indeed a one issue party. Their other ‘policies’ are merely window dressing to make the party appear legitimate. Mr Hartman’s poor showing in the 2010 Federal Election demonstrates that the constituents of Throsby have already realised Mr Hartman and the Non Custodial Parents Party lack a genuine interest being a voice for the community.


  2. John Flanagan says:

    There will be probably several candidates for Throsby on 14 September 2013 – Labor, Liberal, the Nationals, the Greens, possibly an independent and Wayne Hartman from the NCPP(EP). Gary “Angry” Anderson from the Nationals will certainly have a personal following. Likewise, Paul Matters should he run as an independent. However the Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting) campaign on family issues. Most candidates seem to have forgotten these issues. There should be nothing more important than family-related issues. This is regardless of one’s political persuasion.

    • Ladyboykimberly Mission Quimbo says:

      I agree about family related issues but how you care your family if you are one of the jobless and maybe one of the victims of fraud like what happened in Trio Capital,how will you support your family? Mr Paul Matters intention is to help the victims of fraud and the unemployed people,why not support him?

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