Throsby in the Green

The Greens have again selected Shellharbour City Councillor Peter Moran as their candidate for the seat of Throsby at this year’s federal election.

Moran contested Throsby at the 2007 and 2010 elections, winning 9.08% and 11.93% of the vote at each respectively. In both elections, Moran also polled better than the Greens’ national average vote.

Moran recently told the Illawarra News that he disliked the adversarial two-party system:

Democracy should not be about a system dominated by two parties only, operating in an atmosphere of adversarial confrontation. It is time we recognised the value of constructive debate and negotiation which is required when such a majority does not exist, and the important role played by The Greens and independents in that process

He also committed to tackling coal seam gas developments, telling the ABC that he believes the issue is a vote winner in the Southern Highlands:

In the 2010 elections for instance the Greens received over 20 percent of the vote in the booth at Exeter which is right in the heart of the blue ribbon conservative area of the southern highlands. And I think that is reflective of the fact that the Greens for instance are the only party with a clear position on Coal Seam Gas.

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