A Labored Process

The Labor Party has announced it’s candidate for the seat of Hume will be Yass businessman Michael Pilbrow.

He joins four other candidates, including Liberal Angus Taylor, Katter’s Australian Party candidate Bruce Nicholson, Adrian van der Byl for the Christian Democrats and Independent James Harker-Mortlock. The Greens are yet to announce a candidate.

Pilbrow told the Goulburn Post:

The voters in the Hume electorate need committed representation in the federal Parliament and I will provide that.

Hume is very large not only in geographic terms, but in terms of the wide and diverse range of interests and concerns of its constituents.

Voters need to know that the candidate they elect to the Parliament will be diligent in representing their interests and in pursuing the issues that concern them. Ï am deeply committed to that task.

Pilbrow unsuccessfully contested pre-selection for the safe ACT seat of Fraser in 2010, but was beaten out by Andrew Leigh.

Mr Pilbrow owns Pilbrow Global which, under its trading name Strategic Development Associates, which provides strategic development advice and consultancy services.

He has worked on a review of the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI) and community development programs in Aceh, Indonesia, following the Boxing Day Tsunami. Mr Pilbrow has worked for the Australian Government aid agency AusAid and has a Bachelor of Economics from Monash University. In 2012, Mr Pilbrow was an ACT State Finalist for the Australian of the Year local hero awards.

Retiring Hume MP Alby Schultz recently told the Goulburn Post that he believed Mr Pilbrow needed to remove his business from dealings with the Commonwealth before being named as a candidate:

I believe Mr Pilbrow is in the process of extracting himself from his business pecuniary interests arising out of contracts, which I am reliably informed he currently has with the Commonwealth, so that he is not disqualified from being a candidate.

Angus Taylor said it was “good to see a Labor candidate has finally entered the fold.”

“[Pilbrow’s] challenge will be to justify the trail of destruction left by Labor and their independent and green mates,” Mr Taylor said.

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