Four candidates for the seat of Hume have so far announced themselves ahead of the expected 2013 Federal election. Labor and the Greens are the notable exceptions. Here’s the field so far:

  • At the head of the pack, Liberal candidate Angus Taylor has set up a Goulburn office and has even been officiating at community events in place of current MP Alby Schultz.
  • A Katter’s Australian Party candidate from Tahmoor has also joined the race. Bruce Nicholson is active and vocal on Twitter and has written a few firey letters to the Goulburn Post.
  • National Party member James Harker-Mortlock has announced his intention to stand in defiance of the Coalition agreement, which prohibits Nationals candidates from challenging the Liberals in Hume. As such, Harker-Mortlock will not be officially endorsed, but has announced he intends to direct all preferences to Taylor.
  • Former Goulburn state candidate Adrian Van Der Byl has been endorsed by the Christian Democratic Party to join the campaign. Van Der Byl obtained 3.4% of the vote at the 2011 state election.

We’ll do our best to cover the campaigns for Hume and Throsby as the 2013 election nears. If you have spotted a candidate or have some thoughts or information to share, please let us know.

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  1. llewkoorc says:

    expanding the natural gas network is a priority for Hume, particuarly outside of the Libs stranglehold of Goulburn, how nice for Goulburn too, that nearly all FI/FO workers on the Windfarms are staying in Motels there

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