Schultz vs the Carbon Price

The Federal Opposition has this week kept its attack on the Government’s carbon price in Parliament, with Hume MP Alby Schultz being drafted in to ask a question about increases in electricity bills for a Canberra Hospital.

The Open Australia website shows that Schultz directed his question to the Acting Prime Minister Wayne Swan:

I refer the Acting Prime Minister to this bill received by the Calvary John James Hospital here in Canberra that shows its off-peak electricity rate has increased by 66 per cent because of the carbon tax. Will the Acting Prime Minister apologise to its CEO, Shaune Gillespie, who stated:

Every dollar that we pay in carbon tax is a dollar less that we reinvest into our organisation. … So we are looking at $84,000 that could have improved patient care …

Why are patients bearing the brunt of your government’s broken promise?

As Swan rambled with a generally unrelated response, Schultz and the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott interjected. Schultz also asked leave to table the document from the hospital, but was refused.

You can read the full debate here.

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