What are your views on Coal Seam Gas?

This post is part of our series of questions to 2012 Wingecarribee Shire Council candidates. For more info, visit the original post.

Group I – Whipper’s People Power
Coal seam Gas poses a significant risk to our Aquifers. The geology of the area will be impacted by both CSG and Longwall Mining. Any intrusion into the Coal seam will invariably mean that the aquifer will be fractured. The coal seam in this area lays at about 150m and directly below the aquifers. There is no impervious layer between them and any Coal seam gas would also need to be accessed by way of penetrating the aquifer and/or by the process of dewatering, which is equally as destructive as fraccing. I believe any CSG activity in Water Catchments is criminal.

Jim Mauger
Councillor Jim Mauger directed me to this article in the Southern Highland News as his response to our questions.

Jim Clark – The Greens
Coal Seam gas extraction has been demonstrated to be very environmentally damaging and provides minimal economic benefit to the community, we oppose plans for the extensive extraction of CSG in the Highlands and elsewhere.

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