Rude and Crude – Welcome to Politics

I have received a perplexing response to the series of questions I sent around to candidates this week from a member of Ian Scandrett’s Just Fix It team. The questions were sent to team leader Scandrett, and he (rightly) consulted with team members before providing a response. However, instead of an official response, I received a stream-of-thought email from team number three Peter Smyth.

Mr Smyth’s response includes what I can only assume is an allusion to masturbation (“Highlands Strokes”), an attack on Councillor Juliet Arkwright, and personal digs at me that are both offensive and libelous.

Half the questions are a Highland Strokes question not Highland Votes as they are state or federal questions are they not ?? Why ask them as the candidates cant do a thing about them… Juliet is the only councilor with a direct line to God !!! She will know what to say LOL !!!! Give me a bell Trav I want to ask you if the rumours about child slave labour and scientology style journalism schools for minors are still operational under your house.

It’s an odd way to treat someone who is just trying to throw a bit of light onto the candidates. Perhaps Mr Smyth prefers to conduct his campaign in the shadows?

For the record, my response to Mr Smyth:

Hi Pete,

Some are state/fed issues, but Councillors have some sway in terms of lobbying and supporting or not supporting such developments, do they not? If they don’t, then why would Wollondilly Council be throwing so much money after their anti-airport campaign?

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