Jones vs WSC

Throsby MP Stephen Jones has picked a fight with Wingecarribee Shire Council over the second Sydney airport debate. Council recently voted to support Canberra Airport’s bid for a fast rail link between that facility and Sydney instead of the Wilton airport concept.

Despite the lack of any government report into the Wilton proposal, and the potential benefits to the Highlands in terms of employment, Council has voted to pre-emptively support Wollondilly, Camden and Campbelltown Councils in opposing the proposal.

Jones, being a member of the Government that supports the proposal, has attacked Council for their decision.

The proposal, like most, has both positive and negative aspects. But Wingecarribee Council has decided (well ahead of any need) to oppose the proposal out of hand. As mentioned above, there would be considerable jobs associated with an airport on our doorstep. Any Councillor that supported this decision has had their credibility on any promise of jobs-creation seriously undermined.

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