Jones Under Pressure

Throsby MP Stephen Jones is likely to face a strong pre-selection challenge ahead of the next Federal election. The Illawarra Mercury has recently reported that Jones, who was parachuted into the seat before the 2010 Election, may be overcome by the dominant right faction of the Illawarra Labor Party.

Wollongong State MP Noreen Hay has been tied to the campaign, and her son has been mentioned as a possible Jones challenger. It is Jones’ stance in support of gay marriage and asylum seekers that has drawn the attention of the party’s right wing. His close alignment with the ailing Prime Minister doesn’t help either.

For my money, Jones seems to be knowledgable and has carefully considered views on nearly all matters he speaks out on. I was working as a journalist with the Southern Highland News during the 2010 campaign and found Jones to be far and away the most well-informed and forthright candidate. If a voter approached him with a view he didn’t agree with, he told them so upfront, rather than hiding behind weasel words. I disagree with many policies of this current Federal government, but I find very little issue with Jones’ approach to politics.

What do you think of Stephen Jones? Is a challenge from the right likely to make him a one-term wonder?

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